Habit Control Solutions for a Healthier Smile

Visit Orthodude Cincinnati, where we prioritize not just the health of your teeth but also the habits that impact your oral well-being. Our Habit Control solutions are designed to address common oral habits and pave the way for a healthier, more confident smile.

Understanding Harmful Oral Habits

Harmful oral habits, such as tongue thrust, thumb sucking, lateral tongue thrust, cheek biting, and lip biting, can impact dental health and facial development. Our habit control solutions are tailored to effectively address and eliminate these habits.

The Role of Habit Control Appliances

Our dental appliances play a crucial role in controlling and eliminating harmful oral habits. These appliances, available in both fixed and removable options, are designed to provide effective intervention, guiding patients toward positive oral habits and improved overall well-being.

Common Harmful Oral Habits

Tongue Thrust

Involves pushing the tongue against the front teeth during swallowing. Untreated it can lead to misalignment and affect speech.

Thumb Sucking

Sucking the thumb beyond infancy can cause misalignment and affect jaw development.

Lateral Tongue Thrust

Involves pushing the tongue against the side teeth which may contribute to misalignment over time.

Cheek Biting

Biting the inner cheek involuntarily can lead to irritation and sores.

Lip Biting

Biting the lips, often as a nervous habit may cause damage to lips and affect dental alignment.

Our Habit Control Approach

At Orthodude, we adopt a personalized approach to Habit Control. Our experienced dental professionals will assess your specific habits, determine the most suitable appliance, and guide you through a tailored intervention plan to break free from harmful oral habits.

Benefits of Habit Control

Ready to take control of harmful oral habits?

Schedule a consultation with Orthodude to explore our Habit Control solutions. Let us guide you on the path to a healthier, more confident smile.