Palatal Expander and TPA: Correcting Jaw Issues for a Confident Smile

At Orthodude we want you to enjoy the most functional and beautiful smile possible, which is why we offer Palatal Expanders and TPAS. Orthodontic Solutions designed to address upper jaw concerns and enhance your smile’s aesthetics and functionality.

A photo a finger pointing to the upper jaw

Understanding the Upper Jaw

The upper jaw (maxilla) consists of two bones connected by a suture in the middle. This suture remains open until the late teenage years, offering an opportunity for correction and enhancement through orthodontic intervention.

A close up of a Palatal Expanders on a dental mold

Purpose of Palatal Expander

A Palatal Expander is a versatile orthodontic device used to widen the upper jaw, addressing issues such as crowding, arch constriction, and crossbites. By turning the expander once or twice a day, a controlled gap develops between the two front teeth as the suture widens. Once the desired expansion is achieved, this gap naturally closes.

How Palatal Expanders Work

The turning process involves a prescribed number of turns, gradually widening the suture and creating space for improved dental alignment. Witness the transformation as your smile evolves during this carefully managed expansion.

Post-Expansion Care

Following the expansion phase, the Palatal Expander remains in place for six months. This period allows the upper jawbones to grow back together, forming a new, improved suture. Our commitment to your lasting results includes guiding you through this crucial post-expansion phase for optimal outcomes.

Are you Ready to Don a More Confident Smile?

Investing in the correction of upper jaw concerns with Palatal Expanders and TPAs can lead to a confident and radiant smile. Our orthodontic expertise ensures a seamless process from evaluation to post-expansion care, empowering you on your journey to a beautifully aligned smile.

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