Payment Options at Orthodude

Welcome to Orthodude located in two convenient locations in Cincinnati, Ohio — where your oral health is our top priority.

We understand the importance of accessible dental care, and it is our commitment to ensure that quality treatment is within reach for all of our patients. Explore the various payment options, insurance plans, and financing solutions we offer to provide you with the flexibility and accessibility you deserve.

Orthodude Offers Easy Payment Options for Dental Services

Discover the flexibility in payment solutions at Orthodude. Our options are designed for convenience, with affordable down payments and monthly plans. We are proud to offer:

We strive to make your payment experience as smooth as our treatments.

We charge a credit card service fee of 3% unless the card is HSA/FSA or Debit card.

Our Commitment to Dental Accessibility:

At Orthodude, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care without compromising your financial peace of mind. Our practice prioritizes your well-being by offering a range of flexible payment solutions to ensure that financial considerations do not hinder access to quality dental treatments. Experience quality dental care with the assurance that we are here to make your journey convenient and worry-free.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Let Us Help You Navigate Dental Insurance Coverage

Navigating insurance can be intricate, and to ensure accuracy, we recommend reaching out directly.

Financing Options

At Orthodude we are committed to providing a financial solution that promotes accessibility to healthcare services while minimizing the immediate financial strain on patients.

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